When you picture your home cleaner than it is now, this probably entails the elimination of dust, having all of the trash taken out, making sure the carpet is vacuumed or the floors are mopped, your bedsheets are changed, your countertops, stove, microwave, and sink are all thoroughly cleaned, and the bathroom toilet (along with the shower/bathtub) is practically gleaming. If this is the type of orderly home you don’t have the time or energy to make possible for yourself, Westside Maids will 100% deliver the best cleaning services imaginable in Northwest Houston. See how Northwest Houston maid services work by viewing answers to the most common questions we receive from our client base.

Our residential and commercial maid service restores order and cleanliness to the following home and business types:

  • Houses
  • Apartments
  • Condos
  • Small Offices

Celebrating 25 years of the cleanest homes in Northwest Houston!

Since 1993, Westside Maids have been tidying up homes and offices, making sure every last one of our clients achieves a level of cleanliness nothing short of immaculate. Our Northwest Houston maids are always available to frequently service small office buildings anywhere, including the Energy Corridor, along with homes in residential communities like the Memorial area, Addicks, Bear Creek, Hedwig Village, and all housing along U.S. 290. There’s a reason we’ve been in business for 25 years—see for yourself how we ensure the cleanest homes in Northwest Houston.

Maid Service Pricing Plans in Houston, TX

The price of house cleaning in Houston, TX is always spot-on once you receive a free cleaning estimate. One of the main reasons we encourage quote requests is because all of our maid service pricing plans are uniquely customized for the individual space in question. While our rate is hourly, there are a variety of factors taken into account, including your specific punch list.

However, Westside Maids are so certain of our unwavering devotion to quality service, that for a limited time you can get a discount on the first cleaning of your Houston home with an exclusive $20 off coupon. Yes, Westside Maids is not only offering access to the city’s most dependable cleaning service, we’re offering this value at the best introductory price in Houston, TX. Be sure to take advantage of this house cleaning deal while it’s still available!

Katy Cleaning Service with Great Reviews

When a crew of maids have successfully performed phenomenal house cleaning services in the Greater Houston area for as long as Westside Maids, it only makes sense that great reviews will follow. The Katy ownership at Westside Maids is happy to supply you with references from satisfied clients who are more than happy to recommend our cleaning service. When clients utilize our bonded and insured maid services just once, they tend to stay customers for life!

Depending on the order of frequency you need house cleaning, Westside Maids will work with you to continue periodic deep cleaning sessions guaranteed to keep your living environment consistently beautiful.

Contact Westside Maids for the best cleaning service in West Houston. Get a free quote today!.