Do you need a deep cleaning in your bathroom, kitchen or living room? Can't tackle those hard-to-reach high window sills? No problem! Westside Maids are the comprehensive, detailed, all-in-one cleaning service customers have come to trust since 1993.

Your home reflects your personality, and at Westside Maids, we pride ourselves on cleaning your home just like we would our own-so it becomes the spotless and organized house you expect.

Cleaning Services You'd Expect From Professionals You Can Trust

Our cleaning services are highly competitive. Stick to your budget more easily than ever by using our $20 off coupon. Simply schedule a cleaning time, and we'll work around your schedule. We offer the following cleaning services:


  • Clean Appliances and Countertops
  • Clean Stove Top & Exterior of Major Appliances
  • Clean Inside and Outside of Microwave
  • Wipe Down Table and Chairs
  • Vacuum and Wash Floors


  • Scrub and Clean Showers and Bathtubs
  • Clean Vanity, Sinks and Mirrors
  • Clean and Disinfect Commode
  • Clean All Fixtures
  • Wash Floors and Vacuum

All Rooms

  • Dust and Polish Furniture
  • Dust Window Sills, Shelves and Wood Ledges
  • Empty Trash, Change Bed Linens
  • Ceiling Fans and Fixtures
  • Clean Banister and Vacuum Stairs
  • Vacuum Carpets, Rugs and Wash Floors
  • Clean Entryways and Laundry Rooms

Extra Charge Items ($75 + tax per hour)

  • Clean Inside Refrigerator and Ovens
  • Clean Wood Work and Doors
  • Clean Windows and Blinds
  • Spring/Detail Cleaning
  • Home Organizing & Detail Cleaning
  • Cabinets (Inside & Out)
  • Front Porch
  • Back Porch
  • Sunrooms
  • Air Vents
  • Light Switch Plates

We're Your Trusted Cleaning Professional!

At Westside Maids, we treat your home with as much care and attention to detail as though it was our own. Just like you'd expect, our dedicated teams will remove the smudges, get rid of the stains, and transform your home into the immaculate abode you'll always be glad to retreat to. Contact us to receive a free quote, and schedule your first home cleaning today!

**Pricing is determined by the amount of work done and the condition of the home. Of course, the more additional items you add to the job the longer it will take.

**Each home has its own personality. Many Factors determine the length of time that it takes to clean a home. The price is determined by the square footage, how often cleaned, number of Pets & number of people living in the house.

**We have references available upon request.


Westside Maids prides ourselves on providing our clients with prompt and professional house cleaning services and we want to ensure we do everything to make your cleaning experience as pleasant as possible. We ask if you're aware of any preexisting conditions in your home that extend beyond general wear and tear, please let us know. Our company is not responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper installation of any item. We assume all stone surfaces are sealed and ready to clean without causing damage. Westside Maids is also not responsible for worn fixtures attached to the home such as fan and light fixtures, faucets, faucet handles, etc.

We want to make sure we do everything to avoid any unnecessary damage, all the while keeping your home spotless and perfectly in tact!