Whether you need a deep clean for your new business residence or a deep clean for your home, we’ve got you covered. We understand that you may not have the time needed to devote to cleaning your space and cleaning it well. As a professional maid service in Katy, our keen attention to detail allows us to clean what you do and don’t see so you can continue living life without worrying about the dust accumulated in the process. By scheduling a consistent cleaning by an affordable cleaning service, you exercise proper upkeep of your residence while exercising the freedom of being able to point your hard-earned money towards other important things. As dust, dirt, grime, and terrible upkeep persist in a residence, so does its deterioration. At Westside Maids in Katy and Cypress we work to counteract this downturn in thorough cleaning services that far surpasses our clients expectations.

Affordable Cleaning Service Prices

A thorough cleaning should not cost you an arm and a leg. We believe that consistently thorough cleaning is a standard, not a bonus. We do offer tailored cleaning, therefore, our pricing varies depending on the size and scope of the residency. The few factors we consider in our pricing are:

  • Square footage of the residency
  • How often cleaning is needed
  • Time spent cleaning
  • Type of cleaning tasks needed for the residency.

We aren’t complicated in our pricing and are a clear-cut cleaning service. There are no hidden fees or surprise bills. We ensure that our clients know what they are getting and what affordable price they are getting it for by providing all information in the Docusign issued before we get started cleaning. We do offer free quotes for your individual residency, but the basic run down of our pricing is as follows:

  • One time cleanings: $75 + Tax/hr (3 Professional Cleaners). Overtime is charged.
  • Same crew, Same Day, Equipment Supplied Visits: Flat Rate determined by tasks & time.
  • Eco-Friendly or Specialized Cleaning Products Requests: Must be provided to our maids by client.

We recommend getting a free personalized quote on the cleaning of your residency for a more accurate estimate of our rates. At Westside Maids in Katy, we value comprehensive cleaning that leaves our clients %100 satisfied. If you’re ready to partner with a cleaning crew that not only aims to exceed expectations, but actually does, contact us today!


We offer a special welcome gift to our first-time clients. Choose between a regular cleaning or a deep cleaning, no matter the size and scope of your home and get $20 off of your first cleaning (2-hour min.)! We guarantee it will exceed your expectations.