Wine Stain Removal, Tips

Everyone knows how aggravating wine stain removal can be, especially on your new shirt, the carpet, or the couch. While some stains are easier to remove than others, red wine stains are notoriously difficult to clean. Here at Westside Maids, we have a few helpful tips to get those red wine stains out for good. Several popular ways to get out red wine stains while they are still wet include:

The Club Soda Method: If you happen to get red wine on a shirt, the carpet, or the couch, a simple and easy way to get it out quickly is to pour club soda over the stain and let it fizz. The carbonation with react with the wine, lifting it out of the fabric. Continue pouring the club soda on the stain until the color of the wine begins to fade. Let the fabric dry, and then use a paper towel to blot and clean up the excess seltzer that has spilled onto surrounding areas.

The Milk Method: This one is specifically for clothing; pour milk over the stained area. A lot of milk! Let as much milk soak into the stain as possible. Let it sit for approximately an hour and the stain should be gone.

The Hydrogen Peroxide and Soap Method: This one takes a little more time to prepare, but works incredibly, and most houses have soap and hydrogen peroxide readily available. Start by blotting the stain with a paper towel. Next, mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and household soap that is safe for fabric into a container, such as a spray bottle or small bucket. Spray this onto the stain or soak a paper towel in the solution and blot that on the stain. Then get a clean paper towel and blot the solution and the wine until the stain is removed.

If the stain is dry, try pretreating the fabric with shaving cream and running it through the wash using hot water, that should do the trick!

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