Preparing Your Home for a Cleaning Service

Preparing your home for a cleaning service takes the stress out of keeping your home clean and will give you more time with your family. While these maid services provide a number of cleaning tasks, there are some steps that will need to be taken before the cleaners arrive.

Get Your Home Ready

While the idea behind a maid service is to reduce your cleaning time, the cleaners can’t do their work if the house isn’t ready. In order to easily access the areas to be cleaned and spend their time in the most productive way possible, you’ll need to straighten up any clutter, such as papers, toys, laundry, or dishes that the maids do not clean. The tasks performed by each cleaning service may vary, so you should check with your cleaners beforehand to determine what you’ll need to get ready. Some companies may provide additional organizational services if you need an extra bit of help with clearing the clutter.

Communicate with Your Cleaner

To keep everyone informed and stress-free, you’ll need to ensure that your preferences on everything have been explained before your visit. Misunderstandings are unfortunate, but if you carefully discuss the upcoming cleaning service, you can avoid potential issues. Make sure to note any particular cleaning products that you’d prefer or want to avoid, which rooms should be cleaned, and who will provide the cleaning products.

It’s also important to note any particular items or areas that you’d prefer the cleaners to steer clear of. Maid services are happy to respect any customer’s requests not to touch or attempt to clean something, but they’ll need to be notified beforehand. For instance, if a rug you inherited from your grandparents must only be dry cleaned very carefully, you may need to let the cleaning service know not to vacuum or wash it.

Take Note of Pets

Whether you’re the proud owner of a dog, cat, bird, or hamster, you’ll need to ensure that your cleaning service knows about your friend. Maids may need to adjust their products accordingly or take special care when cleaning, so notify them before the date of your appointment. It’s also a good idea to keep pets put away during the cleaning, to prevent any accidents and keep both animals and cleaners safe.

Enjoy Your Cleaning Service

After you’ve finished preparing your home for a cleaning service, you can relax or complete other tasks in your busy schedule while your maid service handles the cleaning. Keeping your phone handy may be wise, to ensure that you can be reached in case of an emergency, but you can rest assured that professional cleaners have the experience to perform their tasks effectively and leave your home fresh and clean.


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