House Cleaning Services to Implement this Fall

Have you ever noticed that some things are easier to clean in one season than they are in another? Take sweeping for example. You’re likely to have a lot less to sweep in your kitchen after spending the day in the city than after a big season-themed potluck dinner at your house. The same kind of logic applies to the cleaning schedule of your home.

There are some areas that naturally require more attention in the fall than in the spring or summer. Luckily, our cleaning crew caters to custom cleaning schedules suitable for all seasonal changes.  If you want to ensure that your house maintains cleanliness throughout the fall season, you might want to take a look at investing in the following cleaning services.

Deep Clean of Refrigerators, Ovens, Microwaves, & Stovetops

Because the holiday season consists of tons of events and gatherings, you will likely be spending more time in the kitchen. With all of the treats coming in and going out of your kitchen and with all of that coming and going, it’s easy to unintentionally create a kitchen that looks… exploded. In order to ensure that through all of that cooking, hosting, and food take-out, you have a kitchen clean enough to handle it all, adding regular maintenance of the refrigerator, oven, microwave, and stovetop ensures that everything stays copasetic.

Deep Clean of the Air Vents & Fans

It’s common for allergies to flare up around the cooler seasons. Dirty air vents and dusty fans can make these allergies feel worse when unattended to. While it’s already important to make sure that your air vents and fans are maintained year-round, you might want to make sure that you maintain regular air vent and fan cleaning during the fall.

Deep Clean of the Baseboards & Walls

Whether you like to host a lot of gatherings in your home or you prefer to stay in, it’s important to tackle the dust and dirt that easily accumulates on the baseboards and walls of your home. Giving the baseboards and walls a routine cleaning can help to ensure that your home is clean from the bottom to the top.

Deep Clean of the Windows & Mini Blinds

With the cool fall weather settling in, it’s natural to want to let some of the fresh air in the house. Doing this can invite dirt particles to settle on your blinds or windows. If you live in a region that contains a lot of humidity, that dirt can easily turn into mold. If you want a clean window to gaze out of, regular window and mini blind cleanings can work wonders for your vision and the overall cleanly appearance of your home.

Front & Back Porch Cleanings

If you have furniture on your front or back porch, fall is the perfect time to invest in getting routine porch cleanings. With the leaves mounding on the ground and wind that scatters all of the dirt, staying committed to a routine front or back porch cleaning can work wonders not only for preserving your porch furniture, but for maintaining an overall clean front and backyard appearance.

House Cleaning in the Fall

This fall, maintain a clean home with the help of Westside Maids. Rather than attempt to stick to a cleaning schedule this Fall, we’ll handle all of the services mentioned above as often as you would like us to. Enjoy the fall weather and festivities while also enjoying a clean home. For more information on forming the perfect fall cleaning schedule for you, contact us today.

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