Holiday Cleaning Tips

With the holiday season fast approaching, our schedules can be buckling at the belt and among the litany of things to-do, “clean the house” remains one of the most detested. Luckily, Westside Maids has compiled a list of quick holiday cleaning tips and suggestions to ensure that your house is as clean as can be while still leaving all the time you need to take care of all of your other chores before you leave for the holidays, or if you’re hosting, before your guests begin to arrive.

Quick Entryway Cleaning

While many neat freaks tend to clean every aspect of their house, the section that everyone will see is the entryway and foyer. While a simple once-over with a mop and vacuum will do wonders, if your entryway is tile or hardwood, you may also want to mop over the floor with a lemon juice and vinegar blend in addition to using whatever bleach and cleaner you may be mopping with. One of our favorite products is the all in one Castile Soap. It can be used on any surface—tile, hardwood floor, granite countertops, you name it—and is pretty inexpensive for how much you get and how versatile it is (averaging about $10 for a 16oz bottle).

Burnt Stain Removal

With all of the cooking going on between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve/Day, it’s inevitable that some of your pots and pans will endure some stains from burning. Instead of tirelessly scrubbing these black and brown spots with a sponge soaked in hot water and dish soap, try using Pepsi or Coke. Let the soda sit in the pot or pan overnight, and the carbonation and acids in the soda will eat away at the burn, making it easily wipe away the following morning. Alternatively, you can also use a half of a lemon with salt poured on it on copper or other dark substances. After giving the initial wipe-down with dish soap, just cut a lemon in half and cover the half in salt and use that to scrub the burn. Remember to continue adding salt to the lemon as you scrub, it will take more than just one coating. Another simple remedy is using baking soda. Applying baking soda to a damp sponge and scrubbing modestly will remove grease and burn stains from pots and pans as well as stove tops.

Sink and Odor Care

Speaking of cooking stains, in addition to your entry and foyer, the kitchen is among the most popular areas for your family and friends to gather during the holiday season. Because of this, you’ll want to be one step ahead when it comes to simple odor and cleanliness. Giving your sink a nice clean as if it were a dish itself with the dish soap and sponge after you’ve emptied it of it’s contents is a good habit to get into and it will help keep the stink out of your sink. For the really bad smells that seem to go deeper, slice up a lemon—including the rind—into fairly small pieces and run that through your garbage disposal with warm-to-hot water. This will clean your garbage disposal’s blades and help your sink produce a fresh lemony scent. Additionally, a helpful tip to keep your disposals edges sharp and ready is to routinely throw ice cubes down your drain with the disposal running. Chopping up the ice cubes is a safe and effective way to keep your garbage disposal blades from dulling, and doing this only once or twice a month can significantly help the life of your garbage disposal.

For more holiday cleaning tips or to discuss one of our cleaning packages for your home or office, request a quote directly today!

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