Controlling Pollen and Other Allergens in Your Home

Many sources can contribute to allergy problems, from dust to pet hair and pollen. Spring is the most problematic month for most folks who suffer from allergy problems, as pollen is released into the air, but controlling allergens in the home is a year-round concern. For family members who have asthma, this becomes an even more serious issues, but there are some steps that you can take to reduce the allergens in your home and provide a more healthy breathing area.

Frequent, aggressive cleaning can reduce the number of allergens in the home.

  • Vacuum at least once or twice weekly
  • Wash bedding once a week
  • Keep surfaces uncluttered
  • Wash pillows, stuffed toys, and rugs in hot water regularly

Remember to change out the filter of your air conditioner regularly, as it is important in removing allergens from the air as it circulates. Although letting natural air flow through an open window can freshen up your home, try not to overdo this as it allows pollen to enter your home. Running a high-efficiency particulate air filter can also help to remove particles from the air in your home, including smoke and animal dander.

If allergies are a continuing issue for your family, you can also adjust the options that you bring into your home. When selecting drapes, bedding, furniture, blinds, and flooring, you can choose options that won’t trap allergens in their fibers. For instance, heavy wool, stuffing, and carpeting can allow dust and other allergens to collect. Although you may not want to remove every piece of fabric that decorates your home, you can minimize heavy options like velvet to reduce potential problems in the home.

Keep Allergens Outside Your Home

Reducing the pollen that you track into the home can also be a big help. If you spend extended periods of time outside or interact with plants frequently, removing your shoes and changing clothes when you come inside can keep you from tracking pollen all into the house. Showering before you get into bed can also keep you from transferring particles to your bedding and pillow.

While it’s impossible to prevent any allergy issues, especially in areas that see heavy pollen, you can minimize any discomfort in Spring caused by allergens moving around in your home. In addition to helping your family breathe more easily, you can also prevent allergies from contributing to other health issues by taking a few easy steps to reduce the impact of dust, pollen, pet dander, and other particles. Enlisting the help of a maid service for your home can also assure that any problematic buildup of allergens is quickly handled.

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