The Best House Cleaning Services to Get During a Winter in Katy TX

During the winter time, a lot goes on in a household. The holidays typically inspire seasonal decorating which means glitter and feathers are bound to get scattered about. Dust easily accumulates from the decorations that tend to reside in the attic most of the year. This dirt is somewhat managed in between dinner parties and all of the holiday hostings there is, but there are areas in a home where dust can easily accumulate. As a cleaning service in Katy, we have serviced many homes and while dust and dirt are prevalent in every season, we have a few services that are particularly valuable around the winter time. If you need help deciding what cleaning services to get during winter in Katy TX, consider this blog post your winter house cleaning checklist.

Clean Refridgerator & Ovens

We love to gather around good food during the holiday season. All of that oven and microwave usage can certainly make a lasting impression. Oil, grease, and food particles can make these beautiful appliances look worn-out or stained very easily if they aren’t cleaned soon after. Our Katy maids clean both the inside and outside of these appliances to remove oil, grease, and all of the hard-to-clean spots to have your kitchen appliances looking as if they were never used during the holidays.

Clean Bathroom Cabinets, Fixtures, Vanity, Sinks, & Mirrors

One of the least enjoyable features of the winter is the virus’s that tend to spread around. Whether you are constantly running around from here to there during the winter or home for holidays, having your bathroom fixtures and features disinfected and thoroughly deep cleaned by your Katy maids here at Westside Maids lessens the chance of you contracting or carrying any of those viri. Not to mention, there is nothing better than a winter in which you can take a soothing hot bath in a squeaky clean bathroom.

Under the Sinks and Inside the Drawers

One of the most neglected places of a home when it comes to house cleanings tend to be underneath the sink and inside if the drawers. While they typically undergo day to day usage, they are one of the last places considered when it comes to cleaning a home. When you really consider how many times they are used, you quickly are reminded of how valuable it is to keep them clean. We clear out these areas, disinfecting and scrubbing to ensure they look as good as new.

Dust Window Sills, Shelves, and Wood Ledges

There is nothing worse than attempting to warm up in a home practically encamped by dust, unaware. Window sills, shelves, and wood ledges are among the easiest places for dust to accumulate and rather quickly. During the winter, with all of the indoor activity’s that happen, it is especially easy for dust and lint to attach themselves to surfaces like these. Whenever we clean a Katy residence, this is one of the most important things we can tackle as dust particles can get in the air and cause unnecessary health issues if not tackled.

Vacuum Carpets, Rugs, and Wash Floors

Whether you like to entertain a lot around the holidays or prefer to stay cooped up indoors, dirty floors will make a very clean home appear to be messier than it actually is. While you may or may not be tracking the dirt from the outdoors into your home, there’s nothing that can top off a cleaning as nice, clean floors can. Allow our thorough Katy maids to vacuum carpets, rugs, and wash your floors for you even in your bathrooms and common areas. We’ll be sure to leave your home looking and even smelling brand new!

Where to Begin?

That is completely up to you! Here at Westside Maids, we offer a plethora of services and are able to be booked according to your preferences. Schedule multiple services in one cleaning or scheduled several cleanings according to what best compliments your schedule. Contact us to enact house cleaning services that give you a nice, clean Katy home to stay warm in this winter!

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