5 Places You Forget to Clean (Hint: They’re Hidden in Plain Sight)

Westside Maids acknowledges that sometimes the easiest place to overlook is the place right in front of you. How many times have you found yourself looking high and low for a lost item all to realize that it was in your hand the entire time? The same thing can happen with cleaning. At Westside Maids, we eliminate these cleaning mishaps with our keen attention to detail. Our cleaning service tackles even the most forgotten about places in your home. 

Hidden Place #1: The Cabinets

Some of the most real things in this world are the things that we can’t see. Luckily, our cleaning service is pretty adamant about the cleanliness of this particular area. It may not be obvious depending on the look of your cabinet, but grease, water stains, and even food traces can wind up on your kitchen cabinets making for the perfect place for dirt and grime to build up and hang out. Should you neglect to have your cabinets cleaned for too long, this can change the look and feel of your cabinets over time. We happily remove all dirt and grime from the surfaces of cabinets, elongating their use and beautiful appearance in your kitchen aesthetic.

Hidden Place #2: The Air Vents

It’s something you use almost every day and yet it is one of the most forgettable places to clean for most, but not for Westside Maids: the air vents. Considering the air we breathe is a necessity, the cleaning of this particular spot is pretty important. Dust particles, hair, and pollen build up in the vent overtime which can taint the air you breathe. While it may seem slightly pre madonna-like, there is such thing as bad and good air. In having your air vents cleaned by us, you guarantee a clean freshness in the air you breathe.

Hidden Place #3: The Baseboards 

One of the more tedious deep cleaning services that we offer is the baseboards. There is a reason for our attention to this area! If you don’t forget about cleaning them, surely they are a task you’d prefer to procrastinate on. Your baseboards add to the overall look of your home. If your baseboards are dirty, your home is bound to appear the same. Conversely, if your baseboards are clean your home is likely to appear in a more pristine condition. We gladly provide baseboard cleanings that leave your space looking spotless.

Hidden Place #4: The Light Switch Plates

Light switches are a touch-and-go fixture in the home. We have seen quite a few in our practice, both cleanly and uncleanly. It’s easy for us to spot which ones have been kept up with and which ones have been neglected. The treatment needed for light switch panels is often the same as the treatment needed for door knobs. They need to be disinfected from time to time. We make sure to tend to this area and eliminate the unseen dust and dirt that builds up in this area.

 Hidden Place #5: The Ceiling Fan

Similar to light switch panels, ceiling fans are often neglected and Westside Maids is all too aware of this. Over time they can build up mounds of dirt, dust, and grime. By the time this happens, though you may not notice it, you are practically using dirt to fan your space. We put an end to the practical sandstorm cause by your fan through disinfecting and clearing this area thoroughly so you can enjoy breathing fresh and clean air.

At Westside Maids, we are proud to tackle area’s like these to ensure that the livability of your home is maximized, as well as your health. Our deep cleaning services tackle forgotten area’s like these and more hidden spaces in your home with precision so you are left with a clean home you can ease your mind and relax in. If you are in the Katy, North Houston, Northwest Houston, or Cypress area, request a free quote to get your home in spotless condition today.

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