5 Big Tips for Organizing Your Home

Organizing your home so it’s free of clutter is no easy task. Especially when kids, pets, and busy schedules enter the mix, managing the mess can get overwhelming. While there’s no way to instantly clean your home, here are some important steps that will make organizing it much easier.

Labels: Whether it’s the contents of a box or which stack goes where on a shelf, labels can be a life-saver. Your careful and efficient organization system won’t do much good if you can’t remember how it was arranged or have to open every container to find what you need. Labelling everything will make it easy to locate things, reducing the resulting mess from digging through possible locations, and save you time in the long run.

Sorting: Using tins, boxes, cups, drawers, and folders to keep everything sorted will break down unruly piles and group similar items into one place that’s easy to find. For instance, assigning a small tin for paper clips will give you somewhere to neatly put them when you find them around the house, and you’ll know exactly where to look when you need one. Applying this method of dividing up items can keep everywhere from your bathroom drawer to your closet much more tidy. Repurposing containers is also a great source of inexpensive and creative places to store things.

Hidden Space: Especially in smaller homes, storage space is a precious commodity. Oftentime, there’s more space than you realize that can make organizing much easier if used to its full potential. Vertical storage can save lots of space, by adding shelves inside of cabinets, stacked areas, and other methods to increase your maximum storage space. By installing a simple shelf inside a cupboard, closet, or cabinet, you’ll be able to use any potential storage space.

Minimize: It’s no secret that tossing stuff out can make your home more tidy. You can easily reduce clutter and free up space by aggressively clearing out unused items. Clothes are always a trouble area, but donating your outgrown or neglected clothing can reduce the strain on your closet space and help out those who may have more use for them.

Assign Places: Returning items to their organized place is infinitely easier when everything has an assigned home. Clutter often arises when things are shuffled from one surface to another, and this happens frequently when stuff has no specific place to return to. Even if the place is a certain drawer, you’re much more likely to put it back if you don’t have to struggle for a place to put it, and items will be much easier to locate later. If you find that you can never find a certain thing, or it always seems to end up on the kitchen counter, designate a home for it.

Unfortunately there’s no instant cure for the messy home, but simple tricks like these will help make both daily cleaning and deep-cleaning easier. If you find your family struggling with clutter, it may be time to rethink organizing your home..


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